How To Boost Your Local Business With Google+

Published by Designzillas on September 5, 2013

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Your local business should have an account and be active on Google+. Why? Here’s the quick answer: Google+ IS Google.

Organic Google results are probably one of the biggest factors determining how your business gets noticed. The big topic of the year has been SEO — “how can I make my business get noticed by Google?” Everyone knows that it’s important. If you don’t know much about SEO, or are just getting started, signing your company up for a business page on Google+ is a great place to begin. There are plenty of reasons; keep reading and you will find out!


There really isn’t a good reason to not sign your company up for a business profile on Google+. If you are trying to get your business noticed by Google, becoming active on their social media network is a pretty good idea. Google tends to index companies that are active on Google+, which means you have a higher chance of being found by your customers. With each +1 you receive from your users, Google takes notice.

Here are some other quick reasons: Google+ has over 400 million users, 60% of which sign on every day (compared to 50% for Twitter). The network is extremely fast-growing and becoming noticed by more and more businesses as time goes on. Will your business follow suit?


I can’t stress enough how much people use Google’s services on a day-to-day basis. You probably use Google Docs to help keep track of and share important information with your employees and clients. Maybe you have a Gmail. At the very least, you surf YouTube videos when you’re bored at work and you probably find those videos via Google itself.

Google has made Google+ the “hub” for all of their services; it’s where everything comes together. It’s integrated with Google Docs, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, and anything else you can think of that is owned and operated by the search engine. With a Google+ Business profile, everything Google knows about you is located in one convenient place. You can post your YouTube videos, your Google Maps information (NAP and 360 views of your office building), any marketing material you may have created, and of course, your website.

In short, everything you do on the internet to get your business noticed can take place on your Google+ Business profile.


Google+ makes it easy to form a community — not just with your users and clients, but with other businesses as well. Google+ is not only a “social media” website, it’s more of a sharing platform. With Circles, you can create your very own groups of people to share information with. This means you can create tailor-made content for your users. If your business sells baby food, you might create circles on your Google+ Business profile for different niches such as “New Mothers,” “Dads,” “Siblings,” etc… This way, you can post content that is specific to each of these groups.

Google+ is a great way to share your content and the content of other businesses. With every +1, every share, and every comment, you are being introduced to new potential clients and new people. Need an example? A good way to boost your SEO is by a little something called guest blogging. With Google+, you can create relationships with other companies like yours and you may even get the chance to feature guest bloggers or be one yourself. The more people who know about you and see you as a source of information, the better!


Author Rank has been discussed in some of our other blog posts, but that’s just because it is that important! In case you are unaware, Author Rank and Google Authorship allow any and all content that you or your business publishes to be automatically connected to your Google+ profile — but you must have a Google+ profile!

Google uses Authorship as a way to reward good writers. When your publications show up on search pages, they show up with a photograph of the writer. This allows your content to be more easily noticed, and gives it a sense of trustworthiness and authority. Think about it, if you’re searching for something on Google, are your eyes drawn to the photo-less post, or the one featuring a lovely headshot of the author or business who created the post? Probably the latter. I know that’s where I would go.


Google+ offers a service called Google Hangouts. This is great for business because it allows you to conduct real time virtual meetings, stream them to your website, Google+ profile or YouTube, and it even records and saves them for future review. With the service, you can share your Google Docs with whoever is in your meeting, or you can screen share to create even more ease of communication. And Google+ acts as the hub where all of this comes together.

Another new thing Google is rolling out for businesses is Google Business Photos. Again, these can be directly and easily integrated with your Google+ Business profile. What exactly are these? Well, Google Maps allows your customers to see the outside of your building, but these allow your customers to get a 360 degree view of the inside of your office! They can take a tour without ever leaving their house.

Google+ also has a service called Google+ Ripples. This lets you see who has shared one of your links or posts, and who from THEM has further shared it. It literally allows you to track how your posts are doing so that you can analyze them to optimize your content.


Now that you know the ins and outs of why to claim your business’ own profile, the next step is to create one! And keep checking back with us for more tips on how to optimize your Google+ profile once you create one. Don’t forget to circle our profile!

We’ll see you on Google+!


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