So You’re On Google+…Now What?

Published by Designzillas on September 12, 2013

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Last week, our blog focused on all of the reasons why your business should be on Google+. If you still haven’t created one, shame on you! Get out there and do it, quick!

But if you took my advice and created one, this blog will focus on helping you get started. Now that you have one, you need to create and foster a presence on it! Google created Google+ so that you have a platform to share your content while also growing your SEO and web presence. Take advantage of it with these tips!


If you don’t have Authorship set up, do it now! Authorship connects all of your published content online (on your website, blog, etc…) to your Google+ profile. This is a great thing for you and Google because it puts a name to your content and gives Google a clue about what kind of content is being posted by your company throughout the web. You want your users’ experience on your pages to be as easy as possible and Google+ and Authorship make this possible by integrating and connecting all of your content.


Circles on Google+ are a great way for you to fine tune the types of information that you want to put out there. Circles allow you to create certain audiences for certain topics. They help you segment your main audience into smaller, more specific audiences where you can share content that is appropriate to their interests. For example, we might create a circle for our customers and clients and a circle for those who follow us for updates in the industry. Our clients may not be as interested in Drupal web development as our other followers. With Circles, we can determine exactly who we want to share content with.

Using circles may promote more communication because all of the people in the circle will be privy to the information you post and more likely to share their own opinions. But remember, if you have people communicating with you, communicate back! You’ve heard the old saying, “communication is a two-way street?” It still applies.


Google+ has a little something called Communities that’s great for creating and fostering relationships with other bloggers and people in your industry. Basically, communities are groups of people that revolve around a certain interest, like web design, cats, or decorative hand soaps. In the community, all of the posts will pertain to that particular topic and users can comment and have discussions with others. Get in on this! It’s important to be active with other Google+ users. You can really gain a following by keeping up with communities that pertain to your industry. You can even start your own! It’s really easy — just be active!


This service has taken over the old Google Places. By creating one of these pages (it will be hooked up to your main Google+ profile as well), your customers can leave reviews about your business. You can also integrate useful information such as your NAP (name, address, and phone number) so that potential customers and clients can find you with ease. You can sign up for one of these pages here.


Most importantly, Google+ was meant to be used in tandem with your already existing website and/or blog. Don’t just rely on Google+ to create and share content. Google wants you to have external pages so that you can hook up your profile with Author Rank! It’s not only helpful to you by getting your name out there and putting a face to your content, it is also helpful to Google. It’s a win-win situation, really.

As stated, the intent for Google+ is to be a place where you can get your content out there. Use it to share blogs and articles that are published on your website. Google doesn’t read this as duplicate content, it encourages that you do this. It helps them to determine if your website is creating relevant and useful information for your users, and this helps with your SEO. The best way for Google to do this is if you hook your profile up with your website. You can do this by adding a badge to your site; users will see the button and automatically find your profile! This way, you’ll gain Google+ followers and website users. What’s not to love?


In the end, the best thing you can do is just enjoy yourself and be active. Google+ is meant to be a social platform. Share blog articles and fun images and videos. Inform your users and be a resource. Engage in discussions with others in your industry. It should be fun; you’re surrounded by a bunch of people who share your same interests as you! Make the most of the experience and get your business recognized by the web!


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