The ABCs of Internet Marketing

Published by the Orlando Business Journal on December 13, 2012

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The Internet is the first place clients go to find your business, so it’s important to have a strong Web presence.

“If you are not on the Internet, you are at the risk of losing opportunities,” said Matt Weber, president and CEO of ROAR! Internet Marketing in Altamonte Springs.

Weber recently was selected as a national trainer for Google’s Getting America’s Business Online and finalized his Internet Marketing Pyramid — a step-by-step program to help businesses make better use of Internet marketing. Here, he talks about steps every business should take:

How a company can ensure success on the Internet: Make sure your company owns its name and your business has a search-engine presence. It doesn’t matter how attractive your website is if your clients do not know how to find you.

How your website should be designed to ensure user-friendliness: Have specific buttons on your site. Avoid ambiguity such as “Contact Us.” Have more specific links such as “Get a consultation,” “Get a quote” or “Get an estimate.”

Most common mistake companies make: Your website should not be focused on your company’s mission statement but, rather, on the client and how your business is the best choice for them. You never see a print ad that says, “Welcome to our print ad,” so why should your website?

The importance of social media: You must have a user-friendly website. If you’re not sure of your objectives, Facebook or Twitter may not be the best choice. Your website is your best salesman. Social media sites are distracting and have the potential to pull your client away from your page when not used properly.

My No. 1 tip to help businesspeople feel more comfortable with Internet marketing: Embrace the measurability. If you are not using the Internet, you’re probably using a style of marketing that’s impossible to measure. The Internet allows you to increase your sales by actively measuring what is happening on your site.


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