The Digital Marketing Agency: Your Business’ Best Friend

Published by Designzillas on November 18, 2013

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At Designzillas, we talk a lot about the importance of having a truly awesome and user-optimized website. After all, with each Google update and trendy Apple device, technology is increasingly becoming the hub of our lives. But a website alone is not the only thing your business needs to consider for long term success. There are many pieces to the puzzle, but luckily there are resources out there to help you gain a higher ROI and increased lead conversion!


Digital marketing agencies exist to help businesses grow. Their realm is the digital world: anything from web design and development to creating a successful inbound marketing campaign that shows people how much they need a business’ products or services. Now, it’s quite possible to get all of these things from multiple sources; you can have one company create your website and another company doing your marketing, while yet another company tracks the analytics of your web presence. But why split yourself up among so many agencies when you can have one do all of that with you?

This is where the digital marketing agency steps in. No matter where a business is in their life cycle, they can benefit from the help of a resource like this. Digital marketing agencies specialize in everything it takes to develop a successful and long term business. They help you create great, user-optimized websites that excite your leads and turn them into delighted customers. They market your business to the appropriate audience, giving them what they need and making their lives simpler through social media and well-crafted email marketing campaigns. They track your progress — where you can improve and where you excel. They stick with you throughout your business’ entire life cycle, giving you a holistic experience and creating a true partnership that lasts.


Think of a digital marketing agency as your business’ best friend. Digital marketing agencies exist to understand your business backward and forward and create a partnership with shared goals. Heck, they’ll even have long phone conversations with you to solve your biggest problems, just like a best friend would. So think about it. Do you want to give your business to multiple teams at multiple agencies with only a general knowledge of a single aspect of your company? Or would you rather create a lasting partnership with one company that understands your business holistically and has the same ultimate goals? For some, the multiple agency approach may work best. But in the long run, digital marketing agencies have got your back through thick and thin. They’re your best friend, remember?


At Designzillas, we combine strategy, creativity, technology, marketing, and analysis to take businesses to the next level. Our web design and development specialists know how to give you a competitive web presence that blows your competitors out of the water, while our marketing team works with you to create innovative and exciting campaigns that turn heads and bring customers crawling back for more. We’re able to do this because, as a digital marketing agency, we view our relationship with clients as a true partnership. Your success is directly tied to our success, and together, an ongoing relationship can help both companies experience long term growth.


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