Content + Customers: Keeping the Spark Alive

Published by Designzillas on February 12, 2014

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Is the relationship between your content and your customers strained? Are you finding it difficult to maintain your individuality in a sea of content while at the same time pleasing your customers and keeping them happy? You’ve been together for so long that maybe things have gotten stale. Your content has ceased to excite your customers; your customers fall asleep, bored while watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory on TV, wishing and hoping that your content would liven things up again.

All relationships take work. Anyone will tell you that. But when it comes to the steamy, timeless, paperback romance novel that is your customers and your content, well, that’s a match made in heaven — at least it should be! With a little content counseling, your content and your customers will be back together by Valentine’s Day, guaranteed!


Even though you would love to think that you hold no blame, let’s face it, you probably do. No one is going to want to stick around with content that can’t even hold a decent conversation. If your content doesn’t excite your customers and make them want to keep coming back for more, you have a problem. Does your content look like this?

“Get your loved ones Flowers from Orlando Flower Shops; Flowers from Orlando Flower Shops are sure to excite any loved ones. You can get many kinds of Flowers at our Orlando Flower Shop including Flowers such as red roses, yellow roses, white roses, custom roses…any kinds of Flowers! Flowers at Orlando Flower Shops beat Flowers from any other kind of Flower Shops! FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOREWO—“

See what I mean? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you were searching the internet looking for information on a local flower shop and you came across this monstrosity, don’t you think your relationship with that content might be put in jeopardy? I’m willing to bet that it would.

Instead, write content that serves a purpose. Don’t just write to fulfill the weekly or monthly requirements. Don’t stuff keywords in there when they don’t flow well. Your content has to put a little effort in — wine and dine your customers. Make them feel like the only girl in the world. It’s never good to take the easy way out. Writing bad copy, engaging in link building schemes, and all of those other black hat SEO techniques you hear about are really as bad as they say they are. Show your customers you truly appreciate them.


Even if you’re writing legibly, that doesn’t mean that your content is serving any real purpose for your customers. A relationship won’t work if both parties refuse to actually listen to each other, find out what each other needs, and attempt to cater to those needs and compromise.

This is where you need to do a little research. Give your customers surveys. Interview them. Ask for testimonials to see where you can improve. Feedback is key here! There is no sense in writing specific content when you aren’t writing it for the customers that you are trying to attract! It’s tempting to just write article after article about YOUR company, YOUR products, YOUR services, YOU YOU YOU. But your customers don’t always want to just hear about how great you are. Write articles about them. Record videos that answer their problems. Show them that you care, that you’re listening, and that you will always be there to help them out when they need it.


Once you’ve established a pretty good base for your relationship, don’t get lazy. It’s great that you are promoting content that excites them and that’s MADE for them, but every now and then insert something that they didn’t see coming. Record a funny video of your employees playing ping pong during break or of your company’s annual “Bring Your Cat to Work Day.” Offer customer loyalty deals or free trials and samples. You’ve got to keep them on their toes! Don’t let them get bored.


Like I said, relationships are hard. But the love between your customers and your content is too important to let it stale over time. It’s understandable — you don’t always know best practices or what’s the right and wrong thing to do. You probably don’t have all the time in the world on your hands either. It’s ok to get a little help. If your content is still not making the grade, outsource it, but outsource it to companies who share your love for your customers and want to see you succeed. Hire a content manager or a digital marketing agency; companies like this take a little bit more time and effort to get to know you as a business and what you need in order to please your customers. To keep relationships strong and healthy, a little help goes a long way.


It’s February. Valentine’s Day. The month of love. Pretty soon you’ll see Cupid flying in wearing nothing but a diaper, aiming his arrow right at the keisters of your content and your customers. There is literally no better time to regain that spark that you once had, OR to start a new relationship! The key take away here? Work for your customers. Listen to them and give them what they need. Show them that you’re thankful for their continued business and loyalty and romance the heck out of them. When it comes to lasting relationships, laziness never pays!


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