Bash Bug: The New Security Flaw That’s Way Worse Than Heartbleed

Published by Designzillas on September 25, 2014 "Bash Bug," "Shellshock Bug..." whatever you call it, it's here, and YOU need to know about it. "Bash Bug," "Shellshock Bug..." whatever you call it, it's here, and YOU need to know about it. Remember Heartbleed? Remember how it was the worst thing the internet has ever seen? It [...]


The HubSpot Sales Platform: Redefining The Office Relationship

Published by Designzillas on September 15, 2014 If you didn’t already know, Designzillas loves HubSpot. As Gold Partners, we’ve been using its tools to evolve the world of marketing for our partners. The HubSpot platform allows marketers to understand leads and customers on a completely new level, forming real connections and giving us the chance [...]

5 Blog Templates That Will Cut Your Writing Time in Half

Published by Designzillas on September 10, 2014 View it here! Remember that time you were tasked to write a blog article, but once you sat down in front of the computer screen, you realized you had no idea how to put your words down into organized, coherent sentences? I do, and I do this for [...]

How to Jack Content Like a Pro

Published by Designzillas on September 7, 2014 You don’t have to be a hard-hitting journalist in order to write an article about a popular news story. Is there something that everyone in your industry just can’t stop talking about? Or maybe there’s something outside of your industry that is being covered by every major media [...]

Massive Security Vulnerability Puts Your WordPress and Drupal Websites at Risk

Published by Designzillas on September 6, 2014 You’ve probably heard a little bit about the major security vulnerability up against WordPress and Drupal websites, but have you actually taken it seriously? If your website is hosted on a WordPress or Drupal installation, take notice of this post and update your website now. You’ve probably heard [...]

E-Mail’s Not Dead: 6 Ways to Give New Life to Your E-Mail Marketing

Published by Designzillas on August 18, 2014 Don’t let anyone tell you that e-mail marketing is on the fritz. Like your favorite little black dress or that crisp, white dress shirt, e-mail marketing is in no danger of going out of style. Don’t let anyone tell you that e-mail marketing is on the fritz. Like [...]

The Founding Fathers of Tech

Published by Designzillas on July 3, 2014 In honor of the 4th of July this Friday, we wanted to pay our respects to some of the people who paved the way to our digital present with their inventions and undying commitment to progress. The good ol’ US of A was built on the idea of [...]

7 Techy Father’s Day Gifts for 7 Typical Dad Stereotypes

Published by Designzillas on June 11, 2014 This Sunday is Father’s Day. You forgot didn’t you? NEVER FEAR! No matter what kind of dad/husband/brother/son/really awesome friend you have, there’s bound to be something on this list of gift ideas that will make their eyes light up like the eternal flame of awesome masculinity this Daddy’s [...]

Would Your Mother Be Ashamed Of Your Website?

Published by Designzillas on May 9, 2014 View it here! This weekend is Mother’s Day — shouldn't your website be one that can she turn around and say, "Look at that. My little [insert your name/childhood nickname here] made that. Isn't [your applicable prounoun] just so talented? I raised this little nugget of sunshine." This [...]

Heartbleed: The Death Metal Bug Out To Spill Your Internet Secrets

Published by Designzillas on March 13, 2014 View it here! No, HTML doesn’t stand for “Holy Toledo, much letters!” Even though that might be what it seems like sometimes, HTML actually stands for HyperText Markup Language. That’s right, folks — HTML is a language. The native tongue of websites. We’re not going to lie: You [...]