Would Your Mother Be Ashamed Of Your Website?

Published by Designzillas on May 9, 2014

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This weekend is Mother’s Day — shouldn’t your website be one that can she turn around and say, “Look at that. My little [insert your name/childhood nickname here] made that. Isn’t [your applicable prounoun] just so talented? I raised this little nugget of sunshine.”

This weekend is Mother’s Day — shouldn’t your website be one that can she turn around and say, “Look at that. My little [insert your name/childhood nickname here] made that. Isn’t [your applicable prounoun] just so talented? I raised this little nugget of sunshine.”

Go ahead. Open another browser window and type in your company’s website URL. If you were to show this to your mother right now, would you cringe with embarrassment or show the whole thing off, page by page, like the prize-winning pup at the dog show? If your reaction is the former, take a quick look at these tips and see if you can give your website a makeover by Mother’s Day. Your mother would be so proud.

Website Worst Practices

We see these things a lot on poorly designed websites — and some of them are such easy fixes! Which of these website worst practices are you guilty of? If more than two, go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

  • Confusing Site Navigation: There is nothing more irritating than reaching a website that does not have clear and concise navigation. Make sure each webpage can be reached from a minimum of one text link on the page. So have clear text links as well as hierarchy. Forget those images and Javascript for navigation. Also, remember images for navigation cannot be read by search engine spiders, so your web pages will not be indexed!
  • No Keywords in Anchor Text: It is important to use anchor text in text links and this anchor text should be keyword rich, but not keyword stuffed. It should be just enough so that search engines know what they’re looking at and users know where they are being sent.
  • Incorrect Use of Title Tags: The title tag of the webpage should tell a visitor what the page is about. It should have the strongest keyword, but do not resort to keyword stuffing. Not only will search engines avoid your webpage, visitors will cringe at your unprofessionalism.
  • Poor Website Graphics: Graphics should enhance the functionality of the webpage or offer visual support to the content. However, make sure the graphic size is reduced to facilitate quick webpage loading time. Some websites are as image-stuffed as your mom’s Thanksgiving turkey. While this sounds delicious, it’s not when it comes to your webpage.
  • Too Much Content: On the flip side of graphics, your website should also have the right amount of content: not too much, not too little! Don’t stuff a million words on your page; trust us, no one is going to read it. Tell them what they need to know, make it interesting, and make sure to include keywords so search engines can index your page.

Website Best Practices

Good news! The above fixes aren’t as complicated as you might think. Time consuming, maybe. But complicated? Nah. While too many people are shaming their family names with the above worst practices,some of them are getting it right with the below tips. When redesigning your website, follow every single one of these tips or NO DESSERT!

  • Webpage Layout: Keep the layout of your webpage appealing. Would you be drawn in by what you have now? Make sure it has the site logo and header and user-friendly navigation. Have contrast between the background and written text to make the content readable. Also make sure there is the right balance between the white space, graphics and text. Don’t have too much of anything.
  • Clear Navigation: The main navigation links should be clearly labeled across the entire site. Make the navigation user-friendly, so that visitors can go from one page to the next or return to the home page easily, without getting lost. Ensure all hyperlinks are functional. And, never forget the sitemap!
  • Color Scheme: Use just three to four colors besides neutrals. Also, the color should be used consistently across the site. Your color scheme should enhance the website rather than detracting from the content of the site.
  • Content Presentation: Use an easy to read font that doesn’t distract users or cause them to squint at their screen. Try to use just one font for the content of your webpage, as multiple fonts can look untidy and make it difficult to read. Do not resort to keyword stuffing. Instead, make sure content provides valuable information to visitors, so that they keep returning for more.
  • Graphics: Optimize the size of the graphics to speed up the loading time and each graphic should be included onto the webpage with a clear and definite purpose. Image tags should be included in the alt attribute so search engines and disabled users understand what an image is depicting.

This Mothers Day, make your momma proud. If you’re ashamed to show off your website to the woman who loves you most, then it’s probably not optimized enough to show the entire world. We understand that while extremely important, the above tips can be costly in both time and resources for your company. If that’s the case, you’re not off the hook! That’s when you should consult some help, and hey, maybe we can get the job done for you. If you think you’d like a little website picker-upper, give us a call. We’d love to help make your website FEROCIOUS.

We hope this blog opened your eyes about the wonders of web design. Have a wonderful weekend, spend time with your family, and as Mark Wahlberg would say, “Say ‘hi’ to your mother for me.”


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