Orlando Doesn’t Suck

Coworkers keep telling me I should start writing my own blog. The problem is, I don’t know what I want my blog to be dedicated to. Marketing? Social media? Cats? Food? Photography? As a marketer, I know you’ve got to have focus when it comes to this whole content thing. But I just want to write about whatever’s going on right now that interests me.

Lately, photography has caught my eye. Yea, I have always been into photography — even back in the day, toting my first-ever point and shoot and taking poorly-lit selfies in the bathroom mirror when I was supposed to be in math class. But now that I have my own DSLR (gifted to me by my mother who could not figure out those gosh darn buttons — thanks, mom), I’m trying to turn a passing hobby into something a little more than that.

I’m a little shy when I first get into new things, as anyone might be. I don’t like to shout about something until I know I’m great at it. But I’ve found inspiration lately and a much-needed push to figure this whole photo thing out. Today, some things in Downtown Orlando (which totally doesn’t suck, by the way) caught my eye.


First, this brick building stood out because of the way the light was hitting it. The individual bricks looked like they were shining and the sky created a nice backdrop. Plus, I just love a good ol’ brick building in a downtown, urban environment.


Then, I saw this balcony railing on Church Street that took me back to that ridiculous weekend spent in New Orleans with my sorority sisters. Plus, the light and overhanging plant were just right.


I love a good neon sign, and this place has some pretty good french fries. The overhanging branches also had a creepy, haunted vibe to them.


Walking back to my car, I noticed this ornate cross wedged between two buildings. I thought the straight lines of the structures surrounding it created a pretty cool juxtaposition.


This last building caught my eye because it reminded me of a home on a cliff in Oia. Now, I’ve never been there but a few marathons of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Mamma Mia gave me a pretty good representation.

I took about 300 photos today, and probably 15 of them made the final cut. In my classes, the professor taught me to take as many photos as possible, and don’t delete ANY of them until the very last moment (or not at all, but who has that amount of memory). I’ve got a few more that passed the test, but I was particularly proud of these 5 and wanted to share with whoever may be reading.

Who knows…maybe my next blog post will be about food.


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