Orlando Doesn’t Suck

Coworkers keep telling me I should start writing on my own blog. The problem is, I don't know what I want my blog to be dedicated to. Marketing? Social media? Cats? Food? Photography? As a marketer, I know you've got to have focus when it comes to this whole content thing. But I just want [...]


Does Your Business Belong on Wikipedia?

Published by Findsome & Winmore on January 4, 2017 View it here! You’ve heard it before: “Wikipedia is not a credible source.” Five years ago as a diligent college student, hunkered down at my corner library desk, I would have agreed with this statement. (Side note: yes, only five years ago. Stop judging.) But after [...]

“Think With Google” Website Speed Test Grades Internet “F” In Mobile Site Speed

Published by Findsome & Winmore on June 6, 2016 View it here! So, Google has a shiny, new mobile-friendly site tool. What does this mean? Is your site going to be graded differently? Can it ever live up to sites like Apple, Moz, or even the mighty Google itself? Do you immediately need to run [...]

It’s National Punctuation Day! Let’s Talk About Digital Communication

Published by Findsome & Winmore on September 24, 2015 View it here! Happy National Punctuation Day, grammar nerds! As a self-proclaimed grammar geek myself, I hold today in high regard. Grammar’s not easy; the English language is filled with strange rules, weird symbols, and a vast array of vernacular that is slowly creeping its way [...]

A Common Social Media Mistake: Putting Interns in Charge

Published by Findsome & Winmore on September 3, 2015 View it here! We’ve said it before, and again and again, but I’ll say it one more time to get the point across: Social media isn’t going anywhere. It may have started out as a way to share cat videos and keep up to date on [...]

5 Ways to Generate Organic Online Reviews

Published by Findsome & Winmore on May 7, 2015 View it here! You’ve heard all about why your business needs to be on social media. In the grand scheme of things, it’s still the new kid on the block in the neighborhood of marketing. But just because so much attention has been focused on the [...]

The Dawn of Mobilegeddon: The Scoop On Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Published by Findsome & Winmore on April 21, 2015 View it here! Remember all of those times that we and other web developers and marketing agencies just like us told you how truly important it is to have a mobile-friendly, responsive website? If you didn’t believe us then, you probably do now. Because Google’s Mobilegeddon [...]

Conquer LinkedIn In Just 10 Minutes A Day

Published by Findsome & Winmore on January 14, 2015 View it here! You’re a businessperson. Your phone probably rings 10 times before 9:30 AM, and you can’t even bear to look at your e-mail lest another crisis arrive signed with a frantic, “Best.” I understand — you’ve got a full to-do list. The last thing [...]

The Social Snowball Effect: Why No One Sees Your Facebook Posts

Published by Findsome & Winmore on December 23, 2014 View it here! You may be thinking to yourself, “Why doesn’t anyone care about the content I’m posting to my company Facebook page? I’m not getting any likes. No comments. No one is sharing my stories. What are all of my fans doing out there? Are [...]

Bash Bug: The New Security Flaw That’s Way Worse Than Heartbleed

Published by Designzillas on September 25, 2014 "Bash Bug," "Shellshock Bug..." whatever you call it, it's here, and YOU need to know about it. "Bash Bug," "Shellshock Bug..." whatever you call it, it's here, and YOU need to know about it. Remember Heartbleed? Remember how it was the worst thing the internet has ever seen? It [...]