iOS7: Stuck Between Nostalgia and Evolution

Published by Designzillas on June 12, 2013

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Whether you hate it or love it, everyone has been talking about the new iOS 7 update for Apple’s iPhone. With added features such as Control Center, AirDrop, and iTunes Radio and new and improved Safari, Camera, and Multitasking tools, the new iOS 7 definitely gives us a lot to form opinions about. But the consensus seems to be split; is it a step back or an ambitious leap forward? We are here to offer you some of our opinions.

Awkward Aesthetics?

There have been mixed reactions when it comes to the new design of iOS 7. It is clear that new Apple CEO Tim Cook is taking the company in a newer, more simplistic design direction. It does seem as if the company, while trying to tackle the clean, crisp feel of  flat design, took a slightly wrong turn. Some of the pre-loaded apps such as Safari, Messaging, and Mail look a bit unfinished and maybe toosimple. But despite this, other design changes such as the smoother transitions between apps and the 3-dimensional icons on the home screen make the phone sleeker and easier to use.

It Just Makes More Sense

The improvements made to some of the traditional apps make the phone much more user-friendly. The added control center, which pops up from the bottom of the screen, is also an efficient addition to the phone. The often-used features like brightness adjustment and airplane mode are now conveniently located in one easy-to-find location. The new and improved Notification Center is also easier to understand and more efficient to use.

The Take Away

Overall, the adjustments to the iPhone software give the phone a more consistent feel. Each app has a simplistic design (remember the huge aesthetic difference between the Game Center and Mail app?) and a squeaky clean look. It’s a big change that many of us will have to get used to, but we believe that once we do, we’ll love it and demand even more.


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